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Wolf Trap Nursery

Helping the DC area gardening community for over 45 years.

Wolf Trap Nursery - about us

Our Story

We are a family-owned independent garden center that has served Northern Virginia since 1972. We are conveniently located 3 1/2 miles west of Tysons Corner on Route 7 (Leesburg Pike).

Wolf Trap Nursery - plants


Whether you’re looking to brighten the interior or spruce up the outside, we have a large selection of high quality plants for you.

Wolf Trap Nursery - bonsai


From bonsai pots and soil to starters and finished bonsai, we have one of the largest selections in Northern Virginia. We also offer workshops to help you get started.

Wolf Trap Nursery - roses


At Wolf Trap Nursery, we are well known for our roses. We start the season with over 200 of them just waiting to spread their beauty and fragrance to your yard.

Gardening Aids

Here you’ll find soil and mulch, fertilizer, and products for both conventional and organic gardening. We also have “greener” choices for controlling insects without using chemical pesticides.

Garden Accessories

Our garden accessories range from functional pots and planters to whimsical aliens from outer space. Somewhere in between are our attractive concrete sculptures and fountains, and all are designed to beautify your home and garden and create interest in the landscape.

Wolf Trap Nursery - Cooking

What's Cooking

We like to garden, but we also like to enjoy the bounty that the garden produces. From time to time, we will share some of our favorite recipes that showcase seasonal ingredients and yield results that we hope you will like..