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10 AM to 5 PM daily, including Sunday

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Now at Wolf Trap:

Colorful Cyclamen
Calamondin oranges
Meyer lemons
and much more

Brighten up your home with cheerful house plants and bonsai. We keep plenty of both in stock for your homes and offices.


Gift Certificates make great gifts to that special someone.

Senior Citizens 10% off on all purchases.


We recommend for best results:
---Turf Trust Fertilizer 24-2-12 with CDU.
---Turf Sense or Water Saver Grass Seed (for overseeding and new applications).
---Application of Dimension and Gallery Pre-emergent crabgrass and broad-leaf weed preventers.
---And Plant Trust for your shrubs and trees.

Turf Sense grass seed--the highest grade of tall fescue blend. A long-standing top-grade fescue blend by Barenbrug USA that many have come to rely on.

New: Water Saver grass seed w\ RTF--Water Saver with RTF combines the very best turf qualities available in grass seed today . The Turf-Type Tall Fescue varieties in Water Saver with RTF have a deep root system, allowing it to draw its moisture from a deep profile. This means a better drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation. Barenbrug's researchers have taken Tall Fescue to the next level: Water Saver with RTF is self-repairing, persistent, and fine-leafed.  It will alsol maintain an attractive dark green color under stressed weather conditions. RTF rhizomes are denser then normal fescues and spread forming new plants. The lawn will fill back in, maintain its fine texture and stay weed free.


Our friendly staff is always on hand to assist you and help you understand the best plant combinations for most indoor and outdoor situations.


Bonsai Workshop

We are taking a break in offering our bonsai workshops, but we will resume.  We just have not set a date, and it may be as late as near the end of this year.
If you'd like to be notified of our future bonsai workshops, sign up for our bonsai email list. Please send your email address to
wolftrapnursery@msn.com, call us or just stop by.  Then, you'll continue to receive notice of our workshops until you ask us to remove your email address from our system.


Plantskydd Repellent is now available.
---Longest lasting deer, rabbit and elk repellent--year round protection for your garden and landscape.
---Proven effective for up to 6 months.

We also carry Bobbex, Liquid Fence and other animal repellent products.


Pots, Pots, Pots!!!
Large shipments of one of the widest selections of pots and plant containers arrive regularly throughout the year:
Hand crafted metal pots,
---Ceramic pots,
---Glazed pots,
---Bonsai pots,
---Clay pots.
Add that perfect touch to your indoor and outdoor decor with new pots and plant containers.



If you have any questions or comments:
Call us at (703) 759-4245, e-mail us at
Wolftrapnursery@msn.com or stop by the store at 9439 Leesburg Pike in Vienna,


Our New Winter Hours
See details above left.



Bonsai Workshop

We are taking a break in offering bonsai workshops.    See below for details.